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Who doesn’t love booking all inclusive resorts, right? What’s even better is booking all inclusive resorts with points! You don’t have to think about anything like, where you’re staying, food, drinks, and many times even activities. It’s all waiting for you!

One of my favorite ways to travel on a budget is with points and miles. And Hyatt is probably the best value out there when it comes to points redemptions.

In this post, I’m going to give you all the details about my stay at Rawah Ranch in Colorado. We spent 3 amazing nights at this guest ranch and didn’t spend 1 cent. Yup, we paid a grand total of $0 for the stay all thanks to points and miles!

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Benefits of Booking All Inclusive Resorts with Points

There are many benefits to booking all-inclusive resorts with points!

  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Value for Points
  • Inclusive Amenities
  • Simplified Budgeting
  • VIP Treatment
  • Access to Premium Properties
  • Peace of Mind

Cost Savings: When you are using points and miles to pay for an all inclusive resort you’re significantly reducing your out-of-pocket costs. The key is to earn these points and miles through your everyday spending so that you’re never spending more than you normally would. You’ll then get rewards with points and miles that you can use to travel the world for less!

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A woman in outdoor attire fly fishing in a clear mountain stream, surrounded by lush greenery and a clear blue sky
Fly fishing was one of the many activities included

Enhanced Value for Points: In some loyalty programs, the redemption value of points for all-inclusive stays can be higher than for other types of accommodations, maximizing the value of your points. For example, I booked Rawah Ranch with 35,000 Hyatt points per night. Those same points could be used for another Hyatt Resort of the same category but may not also include food, activities, etc.

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Inclusive Amenities: All-inclusive packages often cover meals, beverages, entertainment, and activities! It’s one of my favorite ways to vacation because you don’t have to worry about anything!

Simplified Budgeting: With most of the expenses prepaid through points, budgeting for your trip becomes a lot more straightforward.

VIP Treatment: Not in the case of our stay because they treated everyone like VIPs, but sometimes if you’re a loyalty program member or have elite status you’ll also get some special perks or upgrades! That’s why a lot of people like to pay the base standard points rate because with their status they know they’ll likely get upgraded for free.

Access to Premium Properties: Just like with Rawah Ranch and Small Luxury Hotels partnered with Hyatt, other programs give you access to high-end hotel and resort chains. The American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program is available to Platinum members for example.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that the major components of your trip are covered through points can offer peace of mind, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your vacation without financial stress.

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A cozy ranch-style living room with a stone fireplace, wooden furniture, and rustic decorations reflecting western heritage
The lodge living room area

Small Luxury Hotels and Hyatt Partnership

Redeeming Hyatt points for a 3-night stay at Rawah Ranch would not have been possible if it not for the collaboration between Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) and Hyatt. The partnership has been in place since 2018 and I hope it never ends!

Hyatt is a great hotel chain, but compared to hotel chains like Hilton or Marriott, its footprint is quite small. So with this type of strategic alliance, Hyatt can give its guests access to a curated collection of unique hotels.

What this means for me, is that I can book these amazing boutique properties with Hyatt points! So it goes to show that it’s important to be aware of these types of partnerships when you’re earning and redeeming points.

Update! Sadly, Hyatt is no longer partners with Small Luxury Hotels. This is why you want to always be in the loop like when you join my email list!

Discovering Rawah Ranch

Every year, we like to plan a special wedding anniversary trip. It’s usually one of our biggest points redemption opportunities and I always like to try something different and exciting. Our anniversary is in October, but I’m very flexible with travel dates because that’s the number one way to find travel deals.

I was aware of Hyatt’s partnership with Small Luxury Hotels and I had a nice stash of Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Hyatt happens to be a travel transfer partner, so I knew that I could transfer my Chase Ultimate Rewards points and convert them into Hyatt points.

In the points and miles world, Hyatt points are very valuable so I wanted to start there. I was also flexible with my destination, so I just went to the Hyatt Small Luxury Hotels map and started browsing the locations where there are properties. I zeroed in on Colorado and that’s how I discovered Rawah Ranch!

Musicians playing a guitar and a violin in a warmly lit ranch lodge, with artwork and rustic decor enhancing the homely ambiance.
Live entertainment was also included during our stay

Using Hyatt Points for Rawah Ranch

When booking Rawah Ranch with points, the first thing I looked at was the points calendar. The points calendar gives me a good idea as to which dates are off-peak and therefore the least amount of points needed.

I looked at the Rawah Ranch website and noticed that they had a 3-night minimum and they only did check-ins on certain days. So I kept this in mind when I was checking dates. They also are only open 3 months out of the year. Luckily they are open around the time of our anniversary so it worked out!

The lowest rate I found was 35,000 Hyatt points per night. This covered 2 guests and we chose the more secluded Cowboy Cabins which are located the furthest from the lodge and have the best view of the ranch (in my humble opinion).

The cash price at the time was $1,700 per night. So that’s almost 5 cents point which is a great redemption value. There were also no additional fees which made the stay after paying with points $0. Win!

Screenshot of a hotel website showing room selection options for cabins with rustic interiors and scenic views.
Screenshot of points redemptions available for Rawah Ranch with Hyatt points
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How to Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards is my favorite points currency because earning them is easy and perfect for a lazy budget traveler like myself! The Chase credit card ecosystem is pretty straightforward. I needed 105,000 points in total for our 3-night stay which I was able to earn almost entirely from one credit card welcome bonus.

At the time, both the Chase Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card and the Chase Ink Business Cash® Credit Card had elevated cash-back welcome offers. However, the cash back is actually issued as Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Since I also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, I was able to combine points from the Chase Ink Business credit cards and transfer points to travel partners. You’ll find more about my personal card strategy on my favorite cards page.

You can also check out the latest best credit card offers. When you get approved for a new credit card there are some do’s and don’ts to be aware of. You should also download these free mobile apps.

But you also don’t need credit cards to earn points and miles, many strategies don’t require credit cards.

a wooden bench that has two wooden trays displayed with two large insulated mugs filled with coffee and tea on each tray for morning coffee service
Coffee service delivery is available every morning

The Rawah Ranch Experience

First off, we loved everything about our experience at Rawah Ranch. We decided to fly into Denver and drive about 3 hours up to the Rawah Ranch. I would suggest stopping and having lunch in Fort Collins on the way.

The drive was very scenic and we loved it. I would recommend that you download Google Maps prior since there will not be any cell service once you get closer to the ranch. We rented an SUV with four-wheel drive. I found a great price on the car rental through AutoSlash.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the General Manager and offered a beverage and snacks. He gave us a little tour of the area as he drove us to our cabin. Every evening they delivered firewood to to our cabin and had turned down service. Every morning we had coffee and tea delivered to our door.

All meals and snacks were served at the lodge, and we used the golf carts we were given to get there. Breakfast was always a feast, where there was a special of the day and then you could order eggs any way you wanted and there was always freshly baked goods, granola, and yogurt.

Lunch and dinner were also very good. If you have any dietary restrictions or special requests, they were very accommodating as long as they were given some notice. The ranch is very secluded so you can’t just go out to the corner market and grab something or order Uber Eats.

Every evening around 5 pm was Happy Hour where they brought our appetizers and snacks. You could also order drinks from the bar (you can order drinks at any time of day if you want). There was always a drink of the day (seriously the best cosmos I’ve ever had), but it was a full bar so they could make you pretty much anything you wanted if they had it. If they did not have it, then they would make sure to go out and grab it and have it for you the next day.

Every evening after dinner there was an activity. The first night, there we just relaxed outside by the fire with drinks because it had been a long travel day. The second night we had live entertainment just for us. The third night they had an astronomer come out with a very impressive telescope to show us planets and stars. It was amazing! They also have their very own little saloon with a bunch of games and music.

As far as activities, they were offered in the mornings after breakfast and later in the afternoon. So we did 2 activities each day. In the mornings we did fly fishing or horseback riding. In the afternoons it was skeet and target shooting, archery, or axe throwing. They let you pick whatever activities you wanted to do and they were also very accommodating if you changed your mind.

After our stay at Rawah Ranch, we spend 2 days in Laramie Wyoming! We were right on the border of Colorado and Wyoming so we took that opportunity to explore further. Highly recommend!

Rawah Ranch FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rawah Ranch and Hyatt!

How does the partnership between Small Luxury Hotels and Hyatt benefit travelers?

The strategic partnership between Small Luxury Hotels and Hyatt is a great benefit to travelers because it gives Hyatt loyalists more options. Hyatt is a great hotel chain, but compared to other chains like Marriott and Hilton their footprint is quite small. So this partnership gives travelers more unique options.

The Small Luxury Hotels are all boutique-type properties which gives travelers a less corporate experience that is very valuable.

Horses grazing in a fenced pasture with a gently sloping hill in the background, capturing the tranquility of ranch life at dawn.

What makes Rawah Ranch unique among all-inclusive resorts?

What makes Rawah Ranch stand out among all-inclusive resorts is its exceptional blend of rugged wilderness and curated experiences in the heart of Colorado. For our honeymoon, we stayed at a similar property in Colorado Springs called The Ranch at Emerald Valley which is part of the Broadmoor. Rawah Ranch was a much more rustic experience, but still very luxurious. We loved it!

The ranch is also very quaint which makes it a much more intimate and tailored experience that you may not find at other all-inclusive resorts.

Are there any additional fees or considerations when booking Rawah Ranch with points?

Nope! We did not have to worry about any additional fees when we booked Rawah Ranch with Hyatt points. The only thing we had to book separately was our transportation to and from the Ranch. Once we were on property everything was taken care of.

Are there limitations on the availability of rooms when using points for Rawah Ranch?

Yes, any time you are booking with points it is dependent on the award availability. This means, that they only release a certain number of rooms that are available to be booked with points. This can change at any time. So you may see availability one day and then it’s gone the next, just like if you were paying with cash.

However, they may also release more availability. Your best bet is to book as soon as possible. Rawah Ranch in particular is only open 3 months out of the year and the number of cabins is very limited, so the earlier you book the better.

What amenities and experiences does Rawah Ranch offer that are included in the all-inclusive package?

During our stay, the accommodations, all food, most beverages, evening entertainment, and all activities (with very few exceptions) were all included. We did not have to pay anything additional once we checked out.

Spacious cabin lounge with plush sofas, a stone fireplace, and rustic decor creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

How far in advance should I plan to book my stay at Rawah Ranch using points?

I booked in April for our stay that took place at the end of September. It was the last week of the season and it happened to be off-peak nights so there were only 6 guests including us during our stay.

How can I ensure a smooth check-in process when using points for my Rawah Ranch reservation?

My biggest advice is to download the Google map and directions before heading to the ranch. They are not kidding when they say there is absolutely zero cell service out there. The only wifi available is at the lodge.

I would not recommend getting there too late on check-in day. You miss half a day of relaxing and taking it all in. For our stay, they let us check in at any time after noon but they only had snacks and dinner so don’t show up hungry unless it’s closer to dinner time.

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