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gifts for couples who travel a lot

Looking for the right gifts for couples who travel a lot, couples weekend getaway gift ideas, or travel gifts for couples who have everything?

We all know those couples who are always traveling or maybe you’re one of them (guilty)! It can be hard to find the right travel gear or thoughtful gifts for those who love to travel. That’s where I come in! My husband and I love to travel so we’re (mostly me) always on the hunt for the perfect gift.

Whether they’re planning a big trip or just need some inspiration to get away, I’ve put together a list of 29 awesome gifts for couples who travel a lot. I love these travel-themed gift ideas and I know they will too!

Gifts that give them inspiration

Even jet-setting couples need a little inspiration sometimes! Getting gifts for couples that travel a lot doesn’t have to mean getting them travel gear. Gifts can be something as simple as luggage tags that inspire them to look forward to traveling or a map of their wedding location to hang in their home.

passport holder
Passport Holder

Matching luggage tags and passport holders

I’m a sucker for matching accessories and although my husband is not, he’ll still use these luggage tags and passport holders.

Mapiful Wall Art

Mapiful Wall Art
Mapiful Wall Art

We had a destination wedding in Denver Colorado (we live in Florida) so when we got our first house and searched for wall art, I almost died when I found these custom street maps from Mapiful.

They have the perfect modern, clean and minimalist look that I was going for in our new house. It was also super special and kinda mysterious because only we and those who knew about our wedding know the significance.

Hoagard Wall Art

World Map Metal Wall Art by Hoagard
World Map Metal Wall Art by Hoagard

We had a massive empty wall in our master bedroom and I was looking for something unique and a show-stopper piece. We also wanted something that spoke to our travel lifestyle, but in a minimalist way. I searched high and low until I found this world map metal wall art from Hoagard. I honestly couldn’t believe it, it was absolutely perfect. We got the largest size!

A Scratch-off Map

This is a fun and interactive way for the couple (or anyone) to track their travels and plan future trips! You can find the Scratch off map or Scratch off map deluxe version from Uncommon Goods.

World Traveler Cork Globe

Who doesn’t love a globe in their office or study? It’s super classic! This world traveler cork globe is perfect to document where they’ve been on their travels or where they plan to go.

Travel Journal

Ok, this one isn’t for me but I know a lot of traveling couples and families who love to document their adventures in a travel journal. You can find a wide variety of travel journals on Amazon.

GeoJango Maps

I love this one! GeoJango Maps lets you build your own map, or choose from a variety of different pre-made maps, games, and more! It’s one of the most perfect gifts for couples who travel a lot by themselves or with the family!

Travel Challenges Card Deck

This travel challenges card deck from Uncommon Goods is awesome! It will definitely make travel more interesting and fun!

Pushpin World Map

This pushpin world map from Uncommon Goods is the perfect wedding gift for newlywed couples who love to travel! It’s beautifully made and of course, can be personalized with their name and wedding date.

Travel Gadget gifts for Couples

Ok, who doesn’t love a cool gadget to take on your travels? These tech gifts for couples who travel a lot are great no matter where they go.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are great for long plane rides, but they can also work well even when they’re not traveling. Nope, not recommending the Apple Airpods although I hear great things (get it?). I like these earbuds from SONY, but my husband loves Sennheiser earbuds and they aren’t as expensive.

Gimbal phone stabilizer

A gimbal is one of the perfect gifts for couples who travel a lot.

I don’t know how I ever traveled without a Gimbal in the first place. There are several types, but the one I have is light, fits in my backpack, and is durable. It not only stabilizes your phone but it’s a selfie stick and tripod in one! Plus it was under $50.

Also, make sure you get the one that recharges the clicker and the stabilizer at the same time. You don’t want to get stuck having to change the battery or the clicker. If you’re a couple that travels a lot and likes to take pictures/videos with your phone, buy this Gimbal!

P.S. I caved and bought the warranty because I had a cheaper Gimbal and it broke. It was only a couple of bucks, but it covers parts if they break.

Polaroid Camera

a polaroid camera is one of the fun gifts for couples who travel a lot
Pictures with a Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras are the cutest and a fun gift for a couple who travels a lot! It’s a great way to capture special moments!

Portable Wifi hotspot

If you’re traveling a lot, chances are you’re working or need access to the internet while on the road. So a portable wifi hotspot is a great and practical gift for couples traveling the globe! This GlocalMe G4 Pro portable wifi hotspot will get them connected pretty much anywhere.

Luggage Scale

Ugh, those dreaded checked baggage fees! What’s even worse is when you get charged because your bag is too heavy. So, one of the best gifts for couples who travel a lot is a digital luggage scale. It’s relatively inexpensive and will be a lifesaver.

Insulated Travel Water Bottle

Have you ever been traveling or just out and about and thought “Man, I wish I had a snack right now”, well with this dual chamber water bottle you will! You should be carrying a water bottle with you while traveling to stay hydrated so it makes sense to have a small compartment for a snack as well!

2 in 1 Secret Bottle

Who says that you can only carry one drink at a time? Not I! This 2 in 1 secret bottle from Uncommon Goods has a small compartment inside so you can hold your water and your coffee or tea (or whatever you fancy) at the same time.

Refill anywhere water bottle

If you or the couple you’re shopping for are water enthusiasts, you know, the type that always carries their own water bottle (that’s me!) wherever they go – this refill-anywhere water bottle from Uncommon Goods is a gift they will love.

It’s cool because it’s city specific and tells you where you can refill your water bottle within that city. There are only a few cities available, but they also sell an “anywhere” one that you can purchase if they don’t have the city of your choice.

Ok, I bet there’s an app for this too, but I still think it’s a cool travel-themed gift.

Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must for any traveler because letting your phone die can be a disaster, but having a bulky charge is not ideal. This ultra-slim external battery from Uncommon Goods keeps your phone charged and won’t take up a lot of room.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We love having a portable Bluetooth speaker when we travel. There are so many out there, but this JBL portable Bluetooth speaker is small and waterproof so it’s perfect for any trip!

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Gifts that make their travels easier

Travel Cord Organizer

If you travel a lot, you will inevitably have a million cords in your bag for all the gadgets you have. It drives us nuts! We found a ton of awesome travel cord-keepers on Amazon, your friends (and their sanity) will absolutely thank you for getting them this gift.

Universal Travel Adapter

If you or the couple you’re searching for is ever traveling out of the country they need a travel adapter so they can charge their devices. There are a ton of options for universal travel adapters on Amazon and it is a practical gift that they will definitely be using!

Travel Pillow

Everyone needs a Travel Pillow, but it’s one of the great gifts for couples who travel because no one wants a cranky travel partner. Get them a travel pillow with an eye mask set and they will love you forever!

Trendy and functional luggage

Getting his and hers travel luggage would be great as Christmas gifts for couples who travel or as a wedding gift for them to take on their honeymoon. Whatever the occasion, these are some of my favorite luggage companies!

A Bento Bag from Nomad Lane

Nomad Lane has a Bento Bag and it’s the perfect companion to your carry-on luggage. It packs like a suitcase, fits perfectly under the seat in front of you, and gives you everything you need at your fingertips!

ROAM luggage

ROAM luggage is versatile, stylish and durable. What’s so fun about their luggage is that you have the option to customize all the colors! The zipper, the binding, the handle, the front shell, the back shell, it’s pretty much fully customizable.

AWAY luggage

AWAY was my first hard shell luggage and the reason why I fell in love with it. I can’t go back to soft shell. They have so many great products, I highly recommend them for the durability and functionality of their pieces.


I have the Calpak laptop duffle bag and it’s one of my favorite pieces! It’s a small bag that fits on my carry on, but it has so many hidden pockets that I can fit so much more than you would think. It’s definitely my go to personal item.


NOMATIC has some of the best backpacks and accessories. If you or the couple you’re shopping for are active and adventurous you can’t go wrong. Their gear is super functional, but yet stylish. You don’t have to choose form or function. You can have both with NOMATIC.

Once you pick your favorites check out my posts on how to pack a carry on and big mistakes to avoid when booking flights so you’re totally prepared for your travels.

Gifts for Adventurous Couples

There are different types of couples who love to travel, there are the ones that love luxury vacations with a side of adventure, and then there are the ones that are all about the adventure! These are for the latter.

Naughty but Dice

So this list is gifts for couples who travel a lot, so I would be remiss if I didn’t add a romantic gift idea. Help them keep the spark alive by gifting them these Naughty but Dice. They may raise an eyebrow when they look open it, but they will thank you later. 😉

Adventure Essential Survivor Kit

Omg, this Essential Survivor Kit from Uncommon Goods is so cool! If the couple you’re shopping for likes the outdoors, they need this.

Wilderness flask

Ok, this one is arguably just as cool as the above because it holds the drinks. Isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere? This wilderness navigation flask from Uncommon Goods is the perfect gift for the couple that loves the outdoors but also loves a drinky drink.

A photo session with Flytographer

Have you ever wished that you had a professional photographer follow you around on a vacation? Well, you can! Flytographer will set you or your favorite couple up with a photographer at their destination. We did this as a gift for my mom’s 60th birthday trip to Nashville. It was so much fun! You can buy a gift card and when the couple is ready, Flytographer will take care of the rest.

Get them event tickets with Tiquets

If you’re shopping for an adventurous couple who loves to explore new cultures by visiting museums, taking tours of historic land marks or spend the day at a theme park then check out Tiquets. Tiquets helps you find affordable attraction tickets with thousands of their partners world wide.

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So, whatcha gonna get?

There’s a reason why couples who travel a lot are my favorite. We value experiences and memories. We go all out to make them special and memorable, and that’s just what these gifts are meant to do.

The best gifts for couples who travel a lot will be memorable and will stand the test of time. Whether they’re planning a big trip together or just need a little inspiration, I hope these gift ideas tickle their fancy!

Now it’s your turn! Which gift would you like to see on the list next?

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